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Michelin Agribib

  • Fuel saving
  • Robustness
  • Versatility
  • Increased load capacity in the field
  • Maximum productivity when ploughing soil
  • Protection even under heavy loads

Michelin Omnibib

  • Longevity
  • Great versatility
  • Excellent resistance to damage
  • Savings in time and fuel
  • Longer service life
  • Greater comfort
  • High load capacity

Michelin Xeobib

  • Comfort
  • Productivity
  • Fuel saving
  • Return on investment: up to 15% fuel saving when working in the field (1)
  • Limit soil compaction
  • Constant low pressure
  • Savings in time and fuel
  • Handling on the road

Michelin XMCL

  • Comfort
  • Longevity
  • 20% more traction than the Michelin bias
  • Up to 46% more service life

Firestone Performer

  • Standard 85-series for medium horsepower tractors
  • Upgraded speed- and load index
  • Excellent traction, self-cleaning and driving comfort
  • Several sizes available with Extra Load capacity

Taurus Point

  • Optimal capacity of traction and self cleaning
  • Longevity and comfort on the road
  • Robust casing for better durability

Alliance Farm Pro II

  • This highly versatile range represents the family of modern agricultural radial tire.
  • The Multi-angle lug design with steep angle in center enables smooth ride, long wear and mud clearing.
  • The shallow angle at shoulder provides superior traction.
  • The pads between the lugs, apart from adding strength to the tire, act as mud breakers to enhance their self cleaning characteristic which is important in the agricultural applications.
  • The reinforced lug, bead areas and the improved tread compound used in the tire provide for a longer lifetime of the tires.

Experience and Expertise

Our robust tyres have a rim size range between 8 and 54 inches. Apart from this, we have a brand presence in more than 85 countries, where we ensure a world class experience for our clients.

Quality Assurance

Sound, demonstrative leadership is the key when it comes to manufacturing tyres at MRL. Our ISO 9001 certification is an indication of the focus and dedication we put in to ensure operational excellence at every level.

Ozka continued to invest and increase its capacity, adding radial tractor tyres to its product range, and that plant has become one of the biggest tyre manufacturing plants in the country.

Ozka ensures product quality and safety in all its processes starting from the control of raw material input to post-shipment.

Ozka says that it bears a strong social responsibility and is a party to the Global Principles Agreement.

The company creates added value for the environment and the economy by recycling and recovering the processed scrap, and thus distinguishes itself from most other tyre manufacturing plants.

Ozka is affordable, reliable and has full warranty

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