Michelin Accidental Damage Guarantee

Michelin is extending its accidental damage guarantee for regional tyres across the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI), significantly increasing the range of fitments covered to offer customers even more protection against the financial costs of accidental damage. The company’s X Multi Guarantee now covers 37 tyre sizes, including Michelin’s most popular products on the replacement and original equipment markets. This marks an increase of 34 fitments from the previous scheme – and includes all X Multi and X MultiWay regional tyres, in all available sizes.

The guarantee promises to refund operators for any accidental damage suffered before a tyre is 50 per cent worn, provided it has been registered on Michelin MyAccount* – the company’s dedicated customer web portal – within one month of purchase.

Chris Smith, Head of Truck Marketing at Michelin, says: “Michelin invests more than €700m in research and development every year so we’re confident that our tyres are extremely hard wearing. Fleets that specify budget tyres tend to do so because they believe accidental tyre damage occurs regardless of whether a vehicle is shod with premium tyres or a cheaper alternative – but this is a false economy.

“Michelin tyres are designed to be particularly durable, and offer superior on-road performance, fuel efficiency and safety over a long service life. Extending our accidental damage guarantee demonstrates the confidence we have in our tyres.”

The exact refund offered under the X Multi Guarantee is calculated against the remaining tread depth of the tyre. The Michelin MyAccount web portal is quick and easy to use, with operators able to activate a guarantee in just four clicks, once a tyre has been registered. ‘Accidental damage’ is defined as an impact occurring to a registered tyre which makes it unusable. The policies exclude damage suffered through road accidents, acts of vandalism, fire and natural disasters. Last month Michelin also doubled the number of tyres covered by its X Works Guarantee, for tyres used in on/off-road applications. The guarantee now includes 14 sizes, including the newly-launched X Works HD D (drive) and HD Z (all-position) tyre patterns, plus three sizes of Remix tyres: X Works XZY and XDY in 315/80 R 22.5, and X Works XZY3 in 385/65 R 22.5.
*Customers in the ROI must register tyres with either their tyre dealer or their local Michelin Account Manager

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