Truck Tyres

Here at Sean McManus Tyres we carry a full range of truck tyres;

  • Michelin X-Multi T, Michelin X-Multi D,Michelin X-Multi Z
  • Michelin Remix
  • Michelin Encore
  • BF Goodrich Route Control, BF Goodrich Cross Control
  • Hankook AH ,Hankook DH
  • Semperit T2, Semperit F2, Semperit D2
  • Budget Brands

We have a huge range to match everyones budget where it is a small truck, tipper or arctic.

We are a CERTIFIED MICHELIN TRUCK CENTRE. For details on Michelins extended accidental damage guarantee click here.

We cater for everything from industrial forklifts to earth movers and we have fitters who we are ready to call should the machine be unable to call in.

Michelin X-Multi T

Available in Steer (X-MULTI Z) AND Drive (X-MULTI D)

  • 20% increased mileage potential
  • Lower cost per mile
  • Suitable for all road surfaces
  • Low rolling resistance and high level of grip
  • Retreading and regrooving save materials and fuel
  • Tyres manufactured in compliance with ISO14001 environmental standards
  • M+S and 3PMSF markings

Encore EDE2

  • Made by Michelin
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Exclusive to Sean McManus Tyres

BF Goodrich Cross Control S

Get the traction, durability, and control you need for confidence in tough conditions with this long-wearing on/off road all position tire.

BF Goodrich Cross Control Drive

Aggressive all- terrain drive tire designed to provide superior traction and durability to get you through the toughest jobs on and of f the road.

BF Goodrich Route Control - T

Other variations are available – contact for details.
Truckers swear by its motorway endurance, and when parking, skidding is a thing of the past. Trust it. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

And even after the distance and the weight load and the shape the road is in, you can retread it several times. Like a boomerang, it keeps coming back. 100% retreadability offered!

Semperit Runner F2

  • Highly increased mileage performance thanks to special tread compound
  • Improved handling even on wet roads due to smart tread design with flexible sipes
  • Better driving comfort and even wear based on improved footprint
  • Improved retreadability

Semperit Runner T2

  • Great mileage performance thanks to a wider tread area
  • Improved cut resistance due to the new tread compound
  • Better wet performance over lifetime
  • Improved retreadability

Semperit Runner D2

  • Even wear and thus higher mileage ensured by enhanced compound
  • Optimized driving performance in any weather conditions thanks to special drive pattern
  • Higher durability due to extra strong bead design
  • Improved retreadability

Torque TQ768

Heavy/Aggressive usage, best suited for construction and rough terrains​​​​​​​

Special tread compound

Block pattern design

Extra wide footprint with square shoulder

Reinforced carcass and bead design

Provides outstanding resistance to puncture and tearing

Provides excellent driving and braking force

Enhanced stability and resistance to abrasion

Ensures excellent handling and safe performance and provides outstanding load capacity

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Get to know the prices on our specials. All tyres quoted include fitting, balancing, valves, and government disposal charge.

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